We absolutely love engagement stories here at HPL! Jason and Emery are getting married here next spring and we cannot wait! They are two incredibly sweet people and we love that they shared their story with us:

Emery and I met almost 6 years ago at HEB. She worked in the drug store department and I was an assistant service manager. I saw her on my first day at the store and I was blown away. I thought she was the most beautiful person I’d ever met. Unfortunately, she thought I was the most annoying person she’d ever met. However, as months went on we grew to be really close friends. After a few years, we fell in love and became inseparable and have been ever since.

I tell Emery I knew she was the one when she started playing World of Warcraft with me. She doesn’t play video games so having her play my all time favorite game was a big deal. But really, I knew the first day I met her that she was the one. I wanted to make the proposal special so after months of searching for the perfect ring it was time to propose. I wanted to combine some of our favorite things for the proposal. In this case, family, traveling and the northeast. I booked a surprise trip to Boston and proposed in Faneuil Hall.

Proposing to her was stressful even though I knew she’d say yes. I wanted to get the moment right but there was a guy on the ground using paint buckets as drums. I had to stall and hope he would leave. It worked but then we had a street performer named “The Black Swan” start doing some freestyle rapping. At this point I’m dying from being nervous and stressed out. Immediately after he left I got on one knee and proposed. It wasn’t exactly what I had planned but she said yes! She also cried harder than I’ve ever seen.

Her family lives in Vermont so I wanted her to be able to see her family right after the proposal. I won some major family points that trip.

That’s a fairly brief story of us.

Thank you for sharing your story Jason! We are so excited for you and Emery to tie the knot! We love Emery's incredibly unique ring!

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