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Alright people, I have found the dress. Had to go through five shops to find it. Overall it was a fun experience and I love that I got to share it with so many important people in my life. But I do have some opinions, and now insights, on the most important things to remember while finding your dream dress. And for this post I’m throwing it back to fourth grade and going over the basics: who, what, when, where, and why.

 Y'all remember this, right??

Y'all remember this, right??


Websites will all tell you different things about who to bring. My thoughts on the matter are bring people whose opinions you care about. For me, that was my mom, sister, and best friend. Everyone else that came was great and I’m glad they could, but it did get overwhelming at times. The first appointment I went to my mom’s best friend from college was in town and I grew up with her and her family so of course she came! But they had been hanging out with another friend from college that I didn’t know, who also came (a little weird). All together I brought 8 people to that appointment. And that was way too many for me and my personality. As we went to different stores different people came along. My cousin and grandma were able to go to one, and then my bridesmaid could go to another, and my dad even tagged along to a few! All in all, bring a small amount of people that you care about and that care about you!


More specifically, what to bring. If you know what shoes you want to wear, or a headpiece, or an heirloom piece, anything you absolutely know you will be wearing on your wedding day is helpful to bring. I knew I would be wearing flats (with HPL’s garden venue), so I wore flats. I knew I didn’t want a veil, though I’m not sure what headpiece I want yet, so I brought a vintage headband. Bringing these items will help you have a more complete idea of how you will look on your wedding day. Let’s talk undergarments for a bit. Wear underwear! The girls helping me into dresses told me horror stories of women trying on dresses commando style. Please don’t. Bra wise, strapless seems to work well. Some of the girls helping me try on dresses asked if I wanted to take it off (“since you won’t be wearing one on your wedding day”) but stressed that it was a preferential thing and did not matter taking it off or not. The girls take the dress of the hanger, stick it into the dressing room, and then wait for you to tell them you’re ready with the dress on before they come in the room and help zip or button you up. There was only one shop where the assistant stayed in the room the whole time. But everyone at the store is there for you! So if you’re uncomfortable with how the dressing potion is going voice your concerns, and I’m sure they’ll be happy to change styles to make you comfortable!

 Ellen wore a beautiful headpeice for her HPL Wedding. Photo by RaeTay Photography

Ellen wore a beautiful headpeice for her HPL Wedding. Photo by RaeTay Photography


9 months. All my checklists (I have about ten different ones) generally agree that 9 months is the time when you need to start looking for your wedding dress. If you know you’re going to be picky or you want to try on lots of dresses maybe consider starting a bit earlier. I procrastinated just a little bit and every shop was very adamant that I try to find one as soon as possible. After you find the perfect dress you have to order it with your measurements (unless you buy off the rack). Dresses usually take anywhere from 4 to 6 months to be ordered and shipped out. Then there are fittings and alterations to take into account. If you know there will be a lot of alterations made to your dress make sure you order the dress with enough time to make it exactly how you want it! Then after finding the perfect one and ordering it you have to play the waiting game. Which is hard.


Wherever you want! There are lots of dress shops around Montgomery (and a lot on 45 headed to Houston). We’re lucky to live in a good market for weddings and can find just about everything we need without going too far. I went to five different shops in Conroe, The Woodlands, Spring, and Houston, finally ending up in Kingwood. One thing I would suggest is to have a budget ready when you call or email shops to make an appointment. One shop that I follow on Instagram always has beautiful dresses. So of course I want to try on their dresses. But when I called and explained my budget they were so far out of it that I did not want to waste their time, or mine, trying on dresses I could never afford.

 Click the picture for more tips on wedding dress shopping.

Click the picture for more tips on wedding dress shopping.


To find your perfect dress! This section was kind of a no-brainer but in order to complete the 5 W's it had to be included! Finding your wedding dress will be such a wonderful experience for you and the people you bring with you! Make a fun day of it, go to brunch, shop around, enjoy the process and the people you’re with. And celebrating with Champagne when you do find the one is encouraged! 



**Side Note: If you don’t have the “oh my gosh, this is it” teary moment (I didn’t) don’t worry! Don’t let TLC shows, and wedding experts tell you how you’re supposed to feel. You’ll make any dress beautiful on your Big Day!

Until next time,